# The guys that keep the hamster wheel turning!

Lee Quince // Director

Lee as the owner of the company, he is the driver behind the companies sucess. BitStreme is about delivering exactly as we say a service that just works and support that excels.

Charles Albinson-Currey // Senior Engineer

Charles has been with the company for over 8 years, working his way up from Junior position. He works mainly on the backend side of the networks and system architecture. He also spends his time designing new systems for our customers to use.

Tigere 01 - cropped.jpg
Tigere Rangwani // Developer

Tigere is our lead developer, much of what our customers see is developed by him. He also works on the code base for our backend system with Paul.

Vito 02 - cropped.jpg
Vito Dachille // Installation Engineer

Vito works with Rich carrying out installs and service visits, he also handles support calls in the office. He's been with us for over 3 years, and he's always had that crazy hair.

Paul Bunyan // Sales Director

Paul joined the team in Aug 18' to manage the sales wing of the company. He works with our customers to make sure they get the product that is right for them.

Richard Pryce // Installation Technician

Rich has been with us for a little over a year, originally a technophobe, he now boasts skills in wireless installations. He hopes to continue his technical development.

Sarah Marsh-Quince // Finance Controller

Sarah makes sure the bills are paid, she interfaces with new customers to set up accounts and works with the installation teams to keep documentation up to date.

Paul Devins // Consultant Developer

Paul's role is to build and maintain the backend code base along with Tigere. He also works on customer feature requests.

Lewis 03 - cropped.jpg
Lewis Pack // Operations Engineer

Lewis keeps an eye on the day to day running of systems, interfaces with customers support queries and works with the backend teams to ensure customer delivery.

Dav - cropped.jpg
Dav Pal // Operations Manager

Dav works with the operation and installation teams to make sure things are running smoothly. He also visits customers to carry out surveys.

Toby Quince // Morale Officer

Toby's duties involve giving out hugs, making sure everyone is keeping an eye on their sandwiches and keeping everyone happy! 

Benji Albinson-Currey // Chief Security Officer

Benji screens all visitors and gives them a bark to make sure they know he's there, keeping a keen eye on them.

Harley Marsh // Noise level technician

Harley makes sure that the contents of the bins are on the floor and bosses around the older dogs. He also likes to sleep and snore very loudly!

Flash Devins // Senior Trouble Maker

Flash enjoys getting the other's in trouble and stealing Benji's ball.